Road To Daylight

Road To Daylight / ARP-1

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As we move deeper into 2013, we welcome yet another burgeoning talent to the TELLURIC family of artists: ARP-1. Originally hailing from MADRID, ARP-1 (aka DAVID PRADERA) is now based in LONDON and has been busying himself crafting his own brand of refined, soulful, atmospheric DRUM & BASS as well as running his own BLACK REFLECTIONS imprint. As his debut offering to the TELLURIC label, ARP-1 presents his 'ROAD TO DAYLIGHT' EP which includes four polished slices of funk. Three deep solo cuts ('ROAD TO DAYLIGHT,' 'VIRGO,' 'AFRICAN CALL') are joined by a fourth track, 'SPANISH HARLEM,' a collaborative piece written with UK-based producer DYNAMIC. We're proud to release this stellar EP of dancefloor funk and we hope you'll enjoy it, too!

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